Watershed combines collaborative design expertise, supportive custom-built technologies, and flexible working environments.



People are our product.

Our practitioners are focused on people and relationships, crafting and facilitating engagements with unique tools and skills at hand.

Taking into consideration the individualities of our clients’ teams, we prepare for days, weeks, and months for our Co-Design events so our clients can just show up and get months of work done in days, and years of work done in months.


We leverage data-driven insight.

Recoder is Watershed’s digital platform. It contains a suite of applications to engineer new patterns of conversation, map social networks, and explore values-based insight.


01 Patchworks application:

Establishing connections make for new communication patterns and accelerate information flow across organizational and group divides:

02 Spindle application

Mapping networks identify connectors, motivators, and sources:

03 Values application

Exploring values leads to mutual understanding and lays the groundwork for better conversation:


We design flexible environments for collaboration.

We carefully consider the backdrop where all client work takes place. How people are arranged and the materials that surround them either facilitate trust, intimacy and creative problem solving, or they inhibit it.


Peter Block on collaborative living

“Invitation is not only a step in bringing people together, it is also a fundamental way of being in a community. It manifests the willingness to live in a collaborative way. This means that a future can be created without having to force or sell it or barter for it. When we believe that barter or subtle coercion is necessary, we are operating out of a context of scarcity and self-interest, the core currencies of the economist.”

― Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging