Proposal Manager

The Role:

As the Proposal Manager, you will be responsible for creating and overseeing detailed and persuasive bids on behalf of the organization. Working with other team members, you will lead the process of identifying opportunities in which to submit proposals, devise successful strategies for winning a bid by highlighting our unique value proposition, and understand the organization’s operating and profit margins.

Your Resume:
  • At minimum 5 years of experience in a Proposal Manager or similar role
  • Bachelor’s degree or certificate in Business Management or Communications, or
    equivalent combination of education and experience
  • You have a proven ability to ensure compliance with the standards outlined by client
    procurement teams
  • You are known to be extremely results-focused while maintaining good collaborative
    working relationships with the people you work with
  • You are also known for bringing a rigorous and thoughtful approach to building
    relationships with clients throughout the procurement process
What you Offer:

Exceptional Communication & Influencing Skills: You are a confident and articulate communicator with years of professional experience writing a wide range of winning proposals—from small two-page documents for retainer contracts to larger programs in both the public and private sectors. You have a proven ability to synthesize a diversity of content inputs into a coherent document that speaks with one voice, is in line with a brand style guide, and is tailored for a specific audience.

Strategic & Innovative Thinking: You understand the landscape in which we operate and have a strong capability to research current and future market trends. You have a proven ability to proactively identify risks and issues in both the creation of a proposal and in the delivery of a project, and you create meaningful mitigation strategies for them. You have a keen ability to identify the “next best alternative”.

Organizational Skills: You are capable of leading multiple complex bid processes simultaneously and have a track record of proactively planning bid processes to ensure those involved are clear on what is needed by them and timelines required.

Resilience: You will work in a very dynamic environment. The people we work with are facing the most challenging problems that the world offers. It’s emotional work and will require you to be extremely self-aware and self-regulating. Success in this environment will come with the ability to cope effectively with the stress and challenges present when working with other people who may be learning to cope with what’s in front of them.

Location and other details:

Remote – US or Canada


Interested in applying?

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