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Read the latest reports from our Watershed Dialogues event series.

Collaboration in Mining: Paving A Path Forward

— Charlie Ursell & Scott Cavan

In March 2020, Watershed Partners facilitated a session at the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention to explore the opportunities and challenges facing the mining industry. One year later, Charlie Ursell and Scott Cavan share reflections on the future of mining, where the industry stands, and where it can go from here. 

The Future of Mining & ESG: 3 Key Questions to Shape the Future

— Scott Cavan (Watershed Partners) & Aaron Amorosi (ERM)


Reimagining International Cooperation Without Catastrophe

— Dane Erickson, Tyl van Toorn

The international order is unlikely to undergo radical structural changes in the coming decades, but we can still infuse our current systems with transformational qualities.

The Circular Economy Forum: Report

— Diplomatic Courier and Watershed Partners, February 2021

The world is increasingly siloed. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, globalization was in trouble. Although the flow of information is largely free, the movement of people, goods, intellectual property (IP), and capital is not. This is a unique moment in time to connect people who don’t usually work together and generate new ideas and solutions that benefit the whole of the economy: people, planet, and profit.

Life After the Pandemic: Future Scenarios

— Tyl Van Toorn

Published in The Diplomatic Courier's Life After Pandemic: Future Scenarios special edition.

Taking ‘Time out of Time’

— Heather Lejeune

We often use the phrase 'taking time out of time' when we engage with clients and partners, and with ourselves as a team. What does this mean, and how is it significant within transformative change?

Backroom Decisions Are Failing Us—What We Can Do

— Tyl van Toorn

Collaborative Design replaces bilateral, single-issue negotiation with interdisciplinary groups, including multilateral stakeholder conversations that consider the issue from a systemic perspective. Click here to read more.

Why you should engage outside of your usual environment—be it in the office or on a surfboard

— The Financial Post, June 19, 2019

The Financial Post interviewed Tyl van Toorn at our Toronto office.

Why Your Organization Needs More ‘Astronauts’

— Tyl van Toorn

Current best practices in education and skills development often fail because we focus on teaching people how to do their job, rather than enabling them to confidently solve tomorrow’s problems. Instead of teaching information or training specific skills, we should be creating environments where people can learn how to learn. Click here to read more.

The Right Network at the Right Time

— Adam Shaw

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a method for mapping the interactions between people. It can make the “invisible visible” by revealing the tangled web of relationships within a system. Who goes to whom for advice, or information, or to riff on new ideas? Click here to read more.