Watershed Partners

Watershed Space

Watershed creates physical environments that allow for the emergence of new and better possibilities for clients, partners, communities, and ourselves.

Design Spaces

We co-create temporary environments that enable individuals and groups to collaborate over the course of hours or days and permanent collaboration hubs that allow organizations and systems to immerse themselves in a new way of working. We carefully curate the types of physical spaces, tools, and environmental elements shown to be most effective at meeting the desired goals.

Coworking Spaces

By putting thorough consideration and effort towards the spaces in which people work, we can change the way they think, feel, and act, leading to improved conditions for success. Watershed is proud to operate two co-working spaces in Victoria and Toronto. With both spaces, Watershed’s goal is to provide a comfortable, creative, and affordable workspace that welcomes individuals from a variety of backgrounds, with an emphasis on focus and productivity.

The right environment can turn strangers into community, ideas into action, potential into reality.