Watershed Partners

Zachary Habayeb

Knowledge Worker

Zachary is a knowledge worker and facilitator with a background in consulting and advising a variety of leaders in the for-profit and non-profit sector on design thinking tools, which can be utilized to solve organizational problems from the user’s perspective. As a facilitator, he brings an international perspective to his work through his experience working as a creative consultant in South East Asia, where he would use design techniques to gather ethnographic research and data that would then be used to drive socially innovative programming and product design. He has worked across different cultures, contexts, and sectors which guides his work and brings awareness to the various systems at play when navigating organizations and people through periods of change. As a knowledge worker, Zachary has an interest in the collaborative design approach and its ability to create insights, alignment and action amongst a group of change leaders. Consistent throughout his work is the ability to lead with empathy and understand the nuances that arise when navigating tough design challenges.