Watershed Partners

Gail Taylor

Tomorrow Maker

Gail brings more than five decades experience of group facilitation, instructional design and experiential learning to Tomorrow Makers. Her work, philosophy and awards in education expanded to the business and government communities when she and her husband, Matt Taylor, co-founded MG Taylor Corporation. Together, they blended their talents and created a system of collaborative environments, work processes and tools to catalyze breakthrough and innovation in high-performance teams. . Their system is able to engage hundreds of people together to create, design and implement higher order solutions in remarkably short periods of time and reach well beyond conflict resolution and compromise.

In 2002 Gail created Tomorrow Makers, a non-profit corporation developed to work with communities to help bring about the social transformations. Gail, on behalf of Tomorrow Makers, partners with Watershed Partners to work on projects primarily focused on multi-generational thinking and planning.