Watershed Partners

About Us

Watershed Partners helps individuals, groups, organizations, and systems to make the difficult but necessary transition between what they can no longer be, and what they can only imagine becoming.

We integrate collaborative design methodologies to allow those we work with to discover the size and complexity of the problems they face, and to generate genuine, data-driven insights around how to solve them.

We use bespoke technology solutions to allow for a different dimension of understanding; to make the invisible, visible, and the intangible, tangible.

We co-create environments to allow for the emergence of trust, alignment, and intent among the individuals and stakeholders charged with the monumental task of creating a new reality from an old one.

We are confident in saying that we help enable better, faster, more authentic decision making with every individual, group, organization, and system we have been invited to engage with.

Our Team


"Watershed Partners have helped to make this transformation an exciting, unifying journey across the organization. They are at the leading edge of modern organizational thinking and their commitment to their customer organizations is second to none."
Jyrki Rosenberg, VP Entertainment, Microsoft
"Watershed Partners took our team through a large, unprecedented and highly efficient co-design strategic discovery process, something which most have not experienced before. Many of the strategic shifts we are pursuing in our division today are the direct result of working with Watershed Partners."
Christian Kittleson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Province of British Columbia
“Watershed Partners’ ability to bring people together to define, focus and solve a challenge is outstanding. Their programme of facilitation and interactive work processes is intense and guided towards a sharply defined goal. It was a creative boot camp for the mind.”
Brett Spencer, Head of Digital, BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music, BBC Asian Network